Music had to be Godís idea!

SpringtimeIt’s been said that “where words fail, music speaks!” There are times when words are inadequate. Yet, when you set language to music, somehow we are able to communicate that which could not be said by words alone.

I don’t believe a person hears music only through their ears. Music is felt by our whole being. It touches something deep within us and comes closest to expressing the inexpressible.

Music had to be God’s idea. He must have known we would need a powerful instrument in order to more fully bear testimony to His character of love and grace. Over and over, I’m amazed at the ability of music to communicate the restoration message of the gospel, to encourage, inspire, to bring joy, peace, healing, and refuge.

Music is the voice of worship. It provides expression to what rises up within our souls when we take time to seek God’s holy presence, to set His face before us, and make it our passion to love Him above all else. Music swings wide the doors of the very throne room of God where we are invited to boldly come … to worship and be transformed.

Come on, let’s sing!